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*Baisden Gallery, Tampa, FL
*Bender Gallery, Ashville, NC
*Gallery Red, Palma de Mallorca, Spain
*Canfin Gallery, Tarrytown, NY
*MerritT Gallery, Baltimore, MD
*Jules Place, Boston, MA
*Kelsey Michaels Fine Art, Laguna Beach, CA
*Fresh Paint Art Advisors, Los Angeles, CA


*FP Contemporary, Los Angeles, CA. "Fresh Perspectives"  04/15-06/10
*Gallery Red, Palma de Mallorca, Spain. "Group Show" 06/20-07/31
*Bender Gallery, Ashville, NC. "Group Show" 09/01-09/30
*Baisden Gallery, Tampa, FL. “Summer Show" 08/01-09/01

*Baisden Gallery, Tampa, FL. “Group Show" 02/25

*Baisden Gallery, Tampa, FL. “Grand Re Opening” 10/19-02/01/20
*Baisden Gallery, Tampa, FL. " Size Matters" 02/06 - 04/01/20
*Baisden Gallery @ Current Hotel Tampa, FL. “10 Years Retrospective” 03/26-05/26/20

*Russell Collection, Austin, TX "Pop N'Color" 03-1/03-30/19
*Baisden Gallery, Tampa, FL. “New Works” 10/09-12/12/19
-Tampa General Hospital fundraising silent auction, Tampa, FL, 05/11/19
-Humane Society of Tampa fundraising silent auction, Tampa, FL, 10/12/19
-Florida Equality Charity fundraising live  auction, Tampa,FL. 02/24/19
*Jules Place Gallery, Boston, MA. "Head-On" Group 02/08-03/15/18
*Baisden Gallery, Tampa, FL. “New Works” 09/09-10/11/18
*Canfin Gallery, Tarrytown, NY. "50 Shades of Color" Solo 11/03-11/25/18
*FP Contemporary, Culver City, CA "Gallymaufry" Group 11/10-12/15/18
-Florida Equality Charity fundraising live  auction, Tampa,FL. 02/24/18
*Canfin Gallery, Tarrytown, NY. "New Works" Solo 02/04-02/26/17
*Laura Rathe, Dallas, TX. " Vanguard Exhibition" Group 02/18-03/25
*Glave Kocen Gallery, VA " One Hit Wonder" Group 06/02-06/24
*Fresh Paint Gallery, Culver City, CA "Harbinger" Group 06/24-08/12
*Baisden Gallery, Tampa, FL. “New Works” 10/07-11/04
-Florida Equality Charity fundraising live  auction, Tampa,FL. 02/25

*Laura Rathe Gallery, Dallas, TX. "Momentum" Group 02/20-03/26/16
*Affordable Art Fair New York with Joanne Artman Gallery 03/30-04/03
*Fresh Paint Gallery, Culver City, CA. "Shine" 06/25-08/13
*Gallery 1949, Aspen, CO. "Summer Group show" 06/01-09/01
*Russell Collection, Austin, TX "Art Bites" 09/22
*Baisden Gallery, Tampa, FL. “Fall Show” 10/08-11/05
* Russell Collection, Austin, TX "Pop Art Show" 10/08-12/04
-Florida Equality Charity fundraising live  auction, Tampa,FL. 02/20
-Tampa Bay International Film Festival fundraising live auction. 09/16
*Palm Springs Fine Art Fair with Joanne Artman Gallery. 02/11-02/13
*The Cornell Museum of Arts, Delray Beach, FL. "Bling” 03/24-07/05
*Affordable Art Fair New York with Joanne Artman Gallery 03/25-03/29
*Joanne Artman Gallery, Laguna Beach."Lost in Translation II" 06/01-06/30
*Laura Rathe Gallery, Houston, TX. "Double Vision" Group 07/11-08/29
*Baisden Gallery, Tampa, FL. “Fall Show” 09/04-11/02
*Russell Collection Art gallery, Austin, TX. “ Group Show” 10/01-10/31
*Laura Rathe Gallery, Dallas, TX. "Synergy" Group 21/11-01/02/16
-Martinis+Matisse Charity Fundraising silent auction, Tampa, FL. 01/24
-Florida Equality Charity fundraising silent auction, Tampa,FL. 02/24
*Glave kocen Gallery, Richmond, VA."Size doesn't matter"01/3-01/31 
*Affordable Art Fair New York with Joanne Artman Gallery. 03/03-03/06   
*Joanne Artman Gallery."The Back Room Spring Celebration". 05/15-06/30
*Fresh Paint Art. L.A, CA.” Summer Solstice” Group Show. 06/21-07/23 
*Art Hamptons  with Mark Gallery, Englewood, NJ. 07/10-07/13
*Fresh Paint Art. L.A, CA. " Free Forms"  Group Show. 07/12-10/12
*Mark Gallery, Englewood, NJ."New Works". 08/9-09/13
"Art Swagger" Los Angeles, CA with Fresh Paint Art. 10/09
*Baisden Gallery, Tampa, Fl. “50 Shades of Color"Solo show. 10/10-11/10
*" The Designers Showhouse of NJ"with Mark Gallery. 10/9-11/16
*Joanne Artman Gallery. "Art & Nature".11/1-11/30
*Red Dot Art Fair Miami, FL with Joanne Artman Gallery. 12/2-12/7
-The Trevor Project Gala silent Auction, Palm Springs, CA. 06/21
-Florida Equality Charity fundraising silent auction. 02/22
-Huntsville Museum of Art gala. Live Auction. 03/1
*FreshPaint Gallery, Los Angeles, CA. “Three”Group Show. 01/12-03/9
*Affordable Art Fair New York with Joanne Artman Gallery. 03/04-03/07 
*Joanne Artman Gallery. "Lost in Translation". 05/09-06/30  
*Dwell on Design L.A, CA, with Joanne Artman. 06/21-06/23
*Baisden Gallery, Tampa, Fl." Evolutionology"Solo show.12/15-03/12 
-Oceana's sea change, Laguna Beach, CA/ Charity Fundraising silent auction
-Sacks Fith Ave, Tampa,FL/Charity fundraising live auction
-March of Dimes, Tampa, FL/ Charity fundraising silent auction
-Musseum of Science & Industry, Tampa, FL/ Charity fundraising live auction
-Italian Club, Ibor City, FL/ Florida Equality Charity fundraising live auction
*Baisden Gallery, Tampa, FL, “Summer show”06/12-09/02
*Baisden Gallery, Tampa, FL. “Industrial Chic” Solo show. 03/04-05/30
*Ellen Charapko Gallery, Fort Lauderdale. “Flawless”Solo Show. 07/14-09/30
*Baisden Gallery, Tampa, FL. “Tampa Metro”Solo Show. 09/04-11/30 
*Fresh Paint, Culver City, LA, CA  “Gathering”. Group show
*Fresh Paint, Culver City, LA, CA “ Fall Exhibition. Group Show
*Baisden Gallery, Tampa Fl, “ The Color Issue”. Solo Show
*Gallery 51, Boca Raton, FL May, 2010. Spring Show
*Baisden Gallery, Tampa, Fl. Solo Show
*Smith & Associattes, St. Petersburg, FL. Two Artists Show
*Gallery Jardin, Tampa, FL. Latest Work, Solo Show
*Casa Nova, Tampa, FL. ” New collection” Two Artists Show
*Interior Motives Art Gallery, St. Petersburg, FL. Group Show
*Art Emporium, Tampa, FL.  Fall  Group Show
*Baisden Gallery, Tampa, FL. 12” x 12” Group Show
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Pont Veu Magazine France, 05/2012
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Luxe Magazine, Colorado, 08/2014
Tampa Bay Times, 02/2015
Tampa Bay Business Journal, 03/2015
Boca Magazine, 03/2015
OC in Room Magazine, 03/2015
Elle Magazine, 03/2016
Architectural Digest, 04/2016
Aspen Modern Luxury Magazine, 04/2016
Bay Magazine, 05/2017
Coca- Cola Company, Atlanta, GA
“The luxe” building, Atlanta, GA“The Element” building, Tampa, FL
PGA National Resort & Spa, P.B.G, FL
Prida-Guida & Co, Tampa, FLSpa Jardin, Tampa, FL
Dr. Raitano, Tampa, FL
Universal Health Care, St. Pete, FL
“Maestro Restaurant”, Performing Art Center,Tampa, FL
“Signature Place” building, St.Pete, FL
Brannock & Humphries Attorneys, Tampa, FL
Proskauer Attorneys, Boca Raton, Fl
St Joseph’s Women Hospital, Tampa, FL
Saint Anthony’s Hospital, Saint Petersburg, FL
Holland & Knight Law Firm, Orlando, FL
Vinik Asset Management, Tampa, FL
Colliers International, Tampa, FL
Colliers International, Clearwater, FL
Coca-Cola Bottle Art Tour, Milan, Italy
Wells Fargo Bank, Pasadena, CA
Bristol-Myers Squibb, Tampa, FL
Fred's Steakhouse, Vinoy Hotel, St Petersburg, FL
Smolker Barlett Attorneys, Tampa, FL
Colliers International, Orlando, FL
Eddie V's Restaurant, Tampa, FL
MGM Four Seasons Hotel, Las Vegas, NV
Fernandez & Fernandez Law Firm, Tampa, FL
Morton Plant Messe Hospital, Clearwater, FL
Cafe by Mise en place, Tampa Airport, Tampa, FL
Advent International Corporation, Boston, MA
PWC, Tampa, FL
Katz Capital, Tampa, FL
JW Marriott hotel, Macau, China


Givenchy Family, NY, NY
Glazer Family, Tampa, FL
Benson Family, Atlanta, GA
Navarro Family, El Portal, FL
Biedrzycki Family, Atlanta, GA
Darnaud/Jacobson Family, LA, CA
Statuch /Willhoit Family, Singapore
Lopez Family, Miami, FL
Keller Family, Davis Island, FL
Arias Family, Madrid, Spain
Hirst Family, Minneapolis, MN
Benach Family, Key Biscayne, FL
Vlachos Family, Scotsdale, AZ, NY,NY
Schwartz Family, Atlanta, GA
Foster Family, Tampa,FL
Breeding Family, Tampa, FL
Dominguez Family, Madrid, Spain
Kovacs Family, Tampa, FL
Morillama Family, LA, CA
Hallgreen Family, Tampa, FL
Ishmaru Family, Charleston, SC
Parrillo Family, LA, CA
Baisden Family, Tampa, FL
Merello Family, Madrid, Spain
Carella Family, Scottsdale, AZ
Mattern/Sluis Family, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Haunchell/Gay Family, Tampa,FL
Sackville Family, Tampa,FL/NY, NY
Cantor Family, Davis Island, FL
Mc Namara Family, Indian Rocks, FL
Menchaca Family, London, UK
Kahna Family, Atlanta, GA
Ratcliff Family, South Beach, FL
Davison Family, Philadelphia, PA
Desai Family, St Petersburg, FL
Connelly Family, Tampa, FL
Ennis Family, Martinsville, IN
Walters family, Tampa,FL
Navarro Family, Miami, FL
Padial Family, Miami Beach, FL
Spywak Family, Tampa, FL
Kaplar Family, Tampa, FL
Lazcano Family, Madrid, Spain
Kaluf Family, Fort Lauderdale, FL

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