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Alberto Murillo is a native of Madrid, Spain, but has resided in cities and countries around the world. Murillo has lived a creative life, working in a variety of media.

       Within the past 8 years, the surfacing of this artist in the states has been celebrated by the market and is a result of the assessment of his work. 

Alberto’s work has influences of abstract expressionism with concentrated areas of vibrant colors  that are swathed and poured onto the panel in a blocking effect. Inspired by the architecture and moods of Spain and Latin America, Murillo’s abstract fields of color evoke the memory of places, from calming seascapes to the vibrant maelstrom of cities.

    His artwork has been exhibited in over 40 shows across the United States, as well as Europe, and he is currently represented by highly-regarded fine art galleries across the country. Alberto's Art is featured in a number of selected collections including the Givenchy Family Collection, and private art collections including Coca-Cola, Colliers International, Holland & Knight, Wells Fargo and Bristol Myers- Squibb.


 A self-taught artist, he now lives and works in Tampa.


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